Workers Compensation Loans

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Workers Compensation Loans

Workman’s Compensation Settlement Loans – Workers Compensation Pre Settlement Funding – Workers Comp Lawsuit Cash Advances

Do you need funding now on your worker’s compensation claim? With lawCash911, you can have $1000, $10,000, even $50,000 in your hands in as little as 24 hours*, with no risk to you or your attorney!

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If you’re waiting for a cash settlement award from Worker’s Compensation, but need cash NOW to pay your bills, a lawsuit funding of as much as $1000 to $50,000 – in as little as 24 hours – can help keep you on your feet. With Lawsuit Loans 911, lawsuit funding is Risk Free – you repay us only if you win your Worker’s Compensation Case.

Most states have laws covering the injury of persons while at work. These laws were originally enacted so that workers could be compensated for their injuries even though the worker might have contributed to the injury. Rather than having workers sue their employers for negligence, Workers’ Compensation Laws (also known as Workman’s Compensation) afford benefits for a worker injured at the workplace. Under these laws, an employee must simply show that he/she was injured and was working at the time of injury. Workplace Injuries that are at the center of Worker’s Comp Lawsuits vary greatly, and so can the locations where the Worker’s Injuries occur, as well as the causes. Working through a Worker’s Compensation Claim, also known as Worker’s Comp or Workman’s Comp, can be a very stressful experience. While Worker’s Comp Laws were created to protect workers after they’ve been injured on the job; through receipt of the appropriate medical care, compensation for lost wages relating to the Workplace Injury, and if necessary rehabilitation and/or retraining, the process toward resolution can be contentious between the employee and their employer.

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If you’re here, chances are you’re involved in a Worker’s Compensation Claim and may be in need of a Lawsuit Funding. If that is the case, you’re not alone. The statistics on workplace injuries are daunting. More than 4.4 million workers in the United States are injured at their workplace, or suffer from an occupational illness each year. Almost half, more than 2 million of those injuries or illnesses, are serious enough that the employees miss work or require ongoing medical care. In these cases, it is not uncommon for those workers to be struggling financially, and will benefit from a Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance.

For the employer, protection from Worker’s Compensation Claims is very expensive due to Worker’s Compensation insurance premiums, as well as the legal expense of paying for defending Worker’s Comp Claims. Because of this expense and because employers don’t always believe all worker’s comp claims are legitimate, employers aren’t always eager to pay Worker’s Comp Claims without cause. This can create undue delays for the injured worker. Since the workplace injury has often left the employee unable to work and receive a paycheck, they often experience financial hardship with an inability to pay even the day-to-day bills. A Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance also known as Legal Funding or Pre Settlement Funding, can provide the immediate cash needed to pay those day-to-day bills and ease the stress created by the situation.

Compounding the delays, in other personal injury lawsuits, the defendant may have a settlement offer on the table, which at least gives the injured plaintiff a base line settlement amount to consider, but this often isn’t the case with Worker’s Comp. Unfortunately, in a Worker’s Compensation Claim, the defendant (the employer or their insurance company) doesn’t want to pay anything, so the plaintiff often doesn’t even have the option to take a low settlement offer simply to end the lawsuit.

It is easy to see how the injured employee can feel completely stuck. Lawsuit Loans 911 can help you get rid of that sinking feeling and help you get back on your feet while you wait for your attorney to settle your worker’s comp claim.

Lawsuit Loans 911can put cash in your hands today, with a legal funding on your worker’s compensation lawsuit. That means you can pay those bills and day-to-day living expenses without worrying about when your worker’s comp claim will settle. And, you also don’t have to worry about paying the legal funding back until you win your lawsuit, because unlike a loan that requires monthly payments, a legal funding does not. Lawsuit Loans 911 is repaid out of the proceeds of your settlement award.

But what happens if you lose your case… how will you repay the legal funding? The short answer is… you won’t. There is no risk to you with a Legal Funding. With a legal funding from Lawsuit Loans 911, if you should lose your claim, then you would owe Lawsuit Loans 911 nothing. No, we’re not kidding!

Apply today! The application is free, and there are no up-front costs! At Lawsuit Loans 911 We try to get our clients the money they need – When they need it !!!

When you are hurt or taken ill on the job, each State has a Workers’ Compensation system that protects employees and requires employers to provide Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage to the injured employee. Unfortunately, laws differ from State to State, so whether Lawsuit Loans 911 can provide law funding assistance depends upon what State your accident occurred in. A work related injury almost always results in disability from work and resulting financial hardship while you wait for your attorney to get justice from your employer and his/her workers’ compensation insurance company. If we can help you with litigation financing assistance in your State, with your attorney’s cooperation, we will step up to the plate and provide worker’s compensation case funding.

*Although laws prevent us from funding in some states, here is a list of states we proudly fund:

Worker’s compensation loans in Alabama

Worker’s compensation loans in Connecticut     Worker’s compensation loans in Louisiana

Worker’s compensation loans in Delaware     Worker’s compensation loans in Mississippi

Worker’s compensation loans in Florida

Worker’s compensation loans in Georgia          Worker’s compensation loans in New Mexico

Worker’s compensation loans in Illinois             Worker’s compensation loans in North Dakota

Worker’s compensation loans in Indiana

Worker’s compensation loans in Iowa                 Worker’s compensation loans in Vermont


*This list will be changing as we are fighting for our right to help in every state possible so those who deserve funding don’t have to go without.

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*  For states not listed above, we cannot provide a Worker’s Comp cash advance unless there is a “third party” lawsuit.  An example of a third party lawsuit is as follows:

John Smith is injured in an accident while driving a truck for A+ Trucking Company. He has a Worker’s Compensation case associated with A+ Trucking Company. If the accident was due to a defect in the braking system or steering system for example, he may have a third party lawsuit against the manufacturer of the truck.


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