Pedestrian Injury Lawsuit Funding

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Pedestrian Injury Lawsuit Funding

Pedestrian Injury Lawsuit Funding for those involved in pedestrian injury lawsuits can be a big help if you’re worried about paying your bills while you wait for your case to settle. Start your free Lawsuit Funding application today. There are no up-front fees, and if you lose your case you don’t have to pay us back!

Consider These Statistics

In the 2005, the Traveler Opinion and Perception Survey (TOP), conducted by the Federal Highway Administration, revealed that about 107.4 million Americans (pedestrians) use walking as a regular mode of travel.

That is a lot of walking. And with a little over 41% of all pedestrian activity taking place on roads or the shoulders of roads, it is understandable that a certain number of these pedestrians will suffer some form of injury; either as a results of a collision with a bicycle or a motor vehicle, or due to unsafe conditions.Every personal injury victim could benefit from Settlement Funding

The actual number of pedestrian injuries is low (69,000 in 2009) compared to the total amount of pedestrian activity (one would think the injury rate would even be higher), however if you’re among those injured the numbers don’t really matter.

Pedestrian Injury Lawsuit Funding Makes Sense

If you sustained injuries through the negligence of someone else while involved in pedestrian activities; for example, walking to school, to work, to church, or simply for recreation, and have hired an attorney to file a pedestrian injury or negligence lawsuit for legal damages then you probably already know the process is not easy. While you’re waiting for a personal injury settlement from your pedestrian injury, if need cash now to pay your bills, you can get a fast cash legal funding of $1000,00 to 250,000.00 in as little as 24 Hrs* Contact us today 800-251-6606 or simply fill out our 30 application above.

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