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There is no way to predict when an accident or injury might occur. There is never an opportune time for a disastrous event to happen bringing hardships with it. There are, on average, 6.3 Million fatal, injury or property, car accidents in the US alone The loss of physical function from an automobile accident or fall for an individual or family member is devastating and can cause numerous financial difficulties. Loss of income alone makes it impossible to meet financial obligations at a time when money is badly needed. Filing a lawsuit for compensation may be the only recourse, but lawsuits take time. Even if a cash settlement is extremely likely in the future, it does not help with existing responsibilities. Mortgage payments, utility bills and medical bills keep piling up and must be paid regardless of the circumstances. Reliable California Lawsuit Funding Solutions are available in the interim, between filing a lawsuit and receiving a settlement that can make the waiting less painful. Consider a California Lawsuit Cash Advance Loan.

The courts are under funded in some states and as a result, many operate on a limited schedule. Many courtrooms are inundated with a backlog of cases. The cases continue to grow as the number of available courtrooms dwindles. Sometimes it takes months or even several years before a case is heard. When a pending lawsuit is delayed for a long period without a resolution in sight, plaintiffs can find reliable funding solutions in the form of a California Pre Settlement Cash Advances.

California Pre Settlement Loans

California Pre Settlement Loans

California Lawsuit Loans provide reliable Case Funding Solutions that address urgent financial needs. Many people with pending lawsuits take advantage of this Lawsuit Cash Advance process that helps them navigate through a long drawn out legal lawsuit settlement battle. State of California Lawsuit Loans helps relieve financial pressures by making cash available for your lawsuit. Lawsuit Funding Companies like Law Suit Loans 911 working with clients who are expecting a full settlement from their lawsuit. They furnish them with Pre Settlement Cash Advances in exchange for a lien against the pending lawsuit recovery. These loans are paid back only after you receive a settlement, but if you do not win your case, you do not owe anything.

California Litigation Finance is intended to help clients meet their obligations during the time the lawsuit is pending. This mechanism enables you to get advance Cash or Your Lawsuit.Companies who provide this service are investing in the lawsuit and not making a direct loan to the plaintiff in the case. Litigation Finance Companies carefully screen applicants before making the decision to accept the case. They assume a risk, because the plaintiff does not have to repay the debt if the case is lost.

Whenever a settlement is pending, regardless of the type of situation, you can get Cash for your Lawsuit if you meet the qualifications. Providers of Lawsuit Settlement Funding Advance those who are expecting a cash settlement as a result of a pending lawsuit, verdict or judgment. These California Lawsuit Cash Advance Companies require clients to complete an application before making the decision to disperse funds. All relevant information regarding the lawsuit must be disclosed in writing on the initial application.

Many people are confused about exactly what is involved with Pre Settlement Cash Advances. Having a thorough understanding of the Litigation Funding process eliminates many myths regarding the cash advances. A common misconception is that you are selling your lawsuit to a third party when you accept a payment. This misunderstanding about the process prevents many who are eligible for funding advances from pursuing this course of action. The truth is that you receive a Pre Settlement Advance against the anticipated lawsuit case. There is no obligation to repay the advance unless you win the lawsuit. This feature is referred to as a :”Non Recourse Loan

What You Need To Do To Apply



Before any funding company will consider you for a loan, your lawyer must agree and give permission for the advance to take place. If your lawyer has taken your case on contingency, this gives you a much better chance to obtain cash. Litigation FInancing Companies see this as a positive when considering if you have a valuable case. These companies only accept strong, serious cases with a likelihood of winning the settlement. Usually attorneys agree with the client when they realize that they need money now and even sometimes recommend this course of action for them.

Almost anyone with a California pending lawsuit can qualify for a cash advance. The primary requirement is being a plaintiff, regardless of credit history or citizenship status. Because of the uncertainty of the amount of time involved in receiving a settlement, many plaintiffs decide to take a cash advance against their lawsuit to help prevent other financial troubles that may ensue. Receiving cash for your lawsuit may be necessary to prevent devastating financial problems such as foreclosure or repossession. If the case involves personal injury, medical bills do not stop during the period between filing a lawsuit and receiving a settlement. They must be paid regardless of your current circumstances.

Lawsuit Loans differ from traditional loans in that you do not have to make payments regardless of the outcome of the case. Many people resort to using credit cards only to discover that they must make monthly payments or risk increases in interest rates on unpaid balances in addition to non-payment penalties. Pre Settlement Advances are recognized as a secured loan with collateral. The collateral is defined as the expected future settlement cash award.

California Litigation Finance Lenders buy interest in your pending lawsuit. Rather than investing in you as an individual, they are investing only in the presumed outcome of the case, based on the probable amount expected. The amount of money advanced to the plaintiffs is a percentage of the expected final amount of the settlement. That is one reason why the qualifying process is involved. Most lawsuits are accepted only after thorough research is conducted to determine the merit of the pending case.

California Pending Lawsuit Loans


In the best-case scenario, the case is settled with money being awarded almost immediately, but this is not the way it typically works. When most settlements take place in the real world, funds may take some time to be dispersed. It could be several weeks, months or even years before the money is actually paid. Many people may have exhausted all available funds by this time and be in need of receiving cash just to be able to survive during this period. It is good to know that you can still take advantage of cash advances even after the case reaches a settlement, but before the funds are available. Please note – We also fund Wrongful termination cases with a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Loan

Life circumstances can change radically when some catastrophic event occurs and you are forced to file a lawsuit to try to get your life back on track as quickly as possible. Even the difficulties involved in filing a lawsuit and waiting for a judgment can be overcome. Pursue all avenues of Lawsuit Advance Funding and remain optimistic about receiving a significant settlement.

Consider LAWsuit LOANS 911 as your source for easy California Legal Finance.

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