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How to Find Same-Day Lawsuit Settlement Funding & Get the Funds You Need Now

settlement funding

That itch you get when you’re waiting to get your lawsuit settlement can be unbearable.

What if you could get the funds you know are owed to you right now?

Thankfully, you can get settlement funding through a lawsuit loan.

But where do you even start?

We’ve created the ultimate guide on where to find, how to get, and what you need for same-day settlement funding on your lawsuit.

How to Qualify for Same-Day Settlement Funding

Qualifying for pre-settlement financing is simple.

If you’ve been injured as a result of the negligence of another person or entity, you may be able to apply for pre-settlement funding during your lawsuit.

When you apply, you must have an active case in court and be represented by an attorney.

After you send in your application, the company will review the merits of your case. This means that they will calculate the chances of you securing the settlement from your lawsuit.

Based off of this determination, the company will either approve or deny you the settlement funding.

No Credit Check Needed

As opposed to standard loans, there is no credit check needed when applying for settlement financing.

This is because the funds are granted on the likelihood of you receiving money as a plaintiff, negating the need for good credit.

Who Needs Pre-Settlement Funding?

Because lawsuit loans are often given out for injury compensation cases, most plaintiffs can’t work during their case. Even though you may be out of work, the world still keeps spinning.

While disability payments or sick pay may cover some expenses, they may not be enough to cover all your bills in the face of intimidating legal fees.

This is where settlement funding comes in.

These loans come with no restrictions of use and can be used for any expenses you need to cover. Whether it be medical, utility, or legal bills, settlement funding can help you during a tough time.

Settlement financing can also assist you in toughing it out without settling for less than you deserve.

Because insurance companies know you desperately need the settlement money to survive, they’ll often send you an initial lowball offer.

If you’re desperate for money, the chances of you accepting this suboptimal offer are high.

However, with pre-settlement financing, you can reject initial offers with the safety net of your loan.

In the long run, it may help you secure a higher value settlement.

How Much Can I Receive?

When you apply for your loan, the loan company and your attorney will estimate just how much your settlement payment is expected to be.

Based off of that, the lender will loan you a certain percentage of the estimated amount.

Once you’ve been approved for the loan, you’ll sign a contract and receive your advance.

What Will It Cost Me?

There is a small fee associated with receiving lawsuit funding.

The exact amount will be dependent on how much you are estimated to receive and the settlement financing company you work with.

This fee often does not need to be paid upfront and is usually added to the repayment amount.

The Length of Your Lawsuit

The length of time it takes to get your best settlement offer will determine the amount of interest you pay back to your lender.

The longer it takes to receive your money, the more money you will have to pay in excess of the actual loan amount.

How Long Does It Take to Receive the Money?

Depending on the company loaning the money to you, it can take anywhere between 24-48 hours.

This rapid funding can allow you to get back to normal life in the midst of stressful and inconvenient circumstances.

When Do I Pay the Loan Back?

After you’ve received the settlement from your case, the loan will be repaid out of the settlement check.

Although your check will end up totaling less, pre-settlement funding can prevent you from defaulting on other debts or your electricity from being shut off.

What If I Don’t Win?

Because settlement loans are based on the company’s determination of your case, they assume the responsibility for the risk of default.

This means that in the unlikely event you lose your case, you do not have to pay back the loan.

Where Can I Get Settlement Funding?

There are many companies that offer settlement financing and finding the right one for you can be difficult.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your pre-settlement lender.

Application Fees

With the situation you’re already in, the last thing you want is extra fees.

An unnecessary application fee is one of those extra charges you’ll want to look out for.

Most lenders won’t charge an application fee. In the rare case that they do, request that they waive it.

Interest and Compounding

When selecting your lending company, ask about interest rates and how often interest is compounded.

If the interest is compounded more often, you’ll end up paying more in the long run.


Not every lender will serve the state you live in.

You can find which states a lender serves on their website.

Types of Cases

Some lenders will specialize in certain cases whereas others may have a wider range of cases that they analyze for lawsuit funding.

As with location, lenders will often display the types of cases they work with on their website.

Get Your Same-Day Settlement Funding Today

Once you’ve submitted your claim and hired an attorney, you’re ready to apply for your settlement funding.

After you’ve assessed different lawsuit loan lenders based off of fees, interest, and compounding, you’ll be ready to choose a company to partner with during this time.

For those who have been injured and waiting for compensation, receiving this money in a 24 to 48 hour period can be a lifesaver.

If you’re looking for a settlement funding lender that charges no application fee, visit Lawsuit Cash 911. On their website, you can see whether they serve your state and apply online simply and for free.

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