Here’s How to get a SLIP and FALL- LAWSUIT LOAN

slip and fall lawsuit

You grab a carton of eggs from the dairy section of the grocery store one day. As you get ready to head to the checkout line,

Spilled Milk Lawsuit

Spilled Milk Lawsuits are very common

though,you slip on some milk that has leaked onto the floor. The Ingredients for a Slip & Fall lawsuit

Now, you’re hurting all over. And yes, you do cry over that spilled milk.

Unfortunately, you’re not the only person to suffer injuries in a slip-and-fall accident. Research shows that falls make up more than eight million visits to the emergency room in the United States, with slip-and-fall accidents accounting for 12% of these falls.

Fortunately, you have the right to file a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner if your accident resulted from their negligence. That’s because property owners, business owners, landlords and governments all have a legal responsibility to maintain safe properties.

Unfortunately, though, if you end filing a lawsuit, it may take a while to receive the compensation you’re entitled to in light of your injuries.

The good news is that you don’t have to let the law slip away after you’ve been hurt by someone’s negligence. Here’s a rundown on how you can get money while your slip and fall lawsuit is settled.

Let’s get started!


Let’s take a brief look at how the lawsuit filing process works if you’ve been hurt due to slipping and falling on a company’s property. Then, we’ll take a look at how you can get your money right away.

Before your lawyer files a suit against the grocery store that caused your accident, they have to investigate the circumstance and facts of your accident. Only if they determine that the business owner is liable for your injuries will they be willing to start a lawsuit against the owner.

First, though, your lawyer will send the property owner’s insurance company a letter. In the letter, the attorney will ask the insurance firm to open a claim of bodily injury and then send the attorney a claim number.

Afterward, the attorney will negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. If your lawyer ultimately determines that litigation would be a better approach, they’ll file a suit in civil court against the owner of the property.


To succeed in your lawsuit, you must demonstrate that the owner of the property should have known about the dangerous condition of the floor and removed the possible hazard but failed to do this.

Alternatively, you must prove that the business created the hazardous condition that caused your accident. In this situation, you must show that it was reasonable for any person to slip and fall as a result of the floor’s condition.

Since the lawsuit process can drag out, it may be in your best interest to take out a lawsuit loan on the pending settlement. In other words, you can secure a much-needed advance on some of the cash you’re expecting to get from your future lawsuit settlement.

Are You Eligible to Borrow Against Your Pending Lawsuit Settlement?

It’s generally easy for injury victims to qualify for a loan for those who’ve been hurt on a negligent business owner’s property. That’s because the underwriting-related requirements are relatively simple and straightforward.

Here’s a glimpse at the eligibility requirements you’ll typically run into when working with lawsuit funding companies:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You live in the United States of America.
  • You suffered slip-and-fall injuries and had to receive medical treatment for them.
  • You hired an attorney to take action against the careless property owner.
  • You anticipate receiving compensation after your case is settled.
  • You need cash in advance to cover your bills, living expenses or unexpected emergencies.

The cash you receive in advance of your settlement can help you to stay afloat from a financial standpoint. That means you can



concentrate on getting over your injuries and pursuing the maximum amount of compensation due to you.


The process of pursuing a pre-settlement cash advance is much like any other funding program process. You’ll enter into an agreement with your lender to repay the loan once your civil case is settled.

After you apply for funding and get approved, you’ll get a cash advance according to how much your case is worth according to the underwriter.

However, unlike bank loans, you don’t have to worry about making monthly payments. You’ll simply repay the loan after you receive compensation for your injuries.

A reputable pre-settlement loan provider will ask you to complete a free application online or by phone. You shouldn’t have to worry about an employment verification or a credit check.

In addition, your chosen lending company should speak with your attorney not long after they get your application.

If your request ends up being approved — which might happen in a couple days or less — you and your lawyer should immediately get the lending company’s terms as well as their cash offer. And once you accept the offer, you can expect your funds within a day.

That beats waiting potentially years for your settlement money to come flowing in.

In the end, you can use the cash advance to address your hospital bills, the loss of wages and other expenses linked to your slip-and-fall accident.


We are a leading provider of SLIP & FALL Lawsuit Loans and even post-settlement advances. We provide funding in most states, ranging from  California toTexas to New York and even Alaska.

If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident and have filed a lawsuit against the careless business owner or other defendant, we’re



waiting to hear from you. Our goal is to provide you with totally risk-free funding as you wait for the compensation you deserve.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you financially while you’re waiting for your slip and fall lawsuit to be settled in the months or years ahead.

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