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Appeal Lawsuit Cash Advance Loans

Appeal Funding

We offer Appeal Funding for plaintiffs and attorneys.

After years of dedicated hard work and preparation, depositions and seemingly endless delays, filings, legal jockeying and maneuvering by the defense team, you finally had your day in court. You went, you fought; you prevailed. Your attorney battled valiantly, presented the facts brilliantly, made a spirited and compelling argument and closed masterfully. The jury decided you were wronged and returned a verdict in your favor along with a large monetary award. – Appeal Loans can help.

Vindication at last! After suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence and years of recovery, frustration, humiliation and hardships of every kind, you finally won. It was a good day and celebration was in the air. There were high-fives, hand shakes, hugs, tears of joy and sighs of relief all around. It was over at last and now you could finally move on with your life. Or so you thought.

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Appellate Funding is available for plaintiffs and attorneys. Funding Appeals is expensive, essentially because attorneys must commit time and resources to retry the same case on primarily the same evidence, so having the financial resources to finance appeal proceedings is an important component of attorney funding.

For plaintiffs who were counting on the money their settlement would provide, an Appeal Cash Advance could give them the money needed to hold out through the appeals court process. (We also offer Law Firm & Attorney Funding)

As with regular Settlement Funding, an Appellate Advance is fast, easy to apply for and with no credit checks, no monthly payments and no up-front or out-of-pocket costs, Money for Appellate Funding is 100% RISK-FREE for plaintiffs.

If you are currently seeking Lawsuit Funding for an appellate case and you have the representation of a contingent fee attorney, begin by applying online with Lawsuit Loans 911; let our lenders compete for your business.


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