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Top Rated Lawsuit Funding Companies

Top Rated Lawsuit Funding Companies

Can help you in times of financial distress Life changes in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re enjoying the day. The next moment tragedy strikes.

Accidents and illness occur when you least expect it. When life spirals out of control, it’s nice to have a support system. Having a loving family can help you through a tough time.

Top Rated Lawsuit Loan Companies

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Unfortunately, when tragedy strikes, the family can’t always help financially.

If you’re out of work and have a lawsuit, the stress of bills and waiting for a settlement payout decreases your quality of life.

But what if there’s a solution to your money troubles? Using lawsuit funding is an option for helping you through the unavoidable waiting period as your case settles.

Unsure about lawsuit funding and how to get it?

Here’s everything you need to know about the top-rated lawsuit funding companies, and how to decide which one is right for your case.

What is Lawsuit Funding?

Lawsuit funding is the distribution of a loan to a client with a lawsuit, an attorney and pending settlement payment.

The approval of a pre-settlement or settlement loan stems from the likelihood of the case settling in the client’s favor.

Pre-Settlement Loans or Settlement Loans

Pre-settlement or settlement loans can help a client enduring financial hardships while involved in a lawsuit. Some lawsuits last for several years. If the case is going to settle the wait for payout is taxing. So pre-settlement loans may help make ends meet.

The Benefits of Lawsuit Funding

Pre-settlement loans assist both clients and attorneys during lengthy lawsuits. They offer many benefits such as:

  • Don’t have to repay the loan if your case loses (Non Recourse Funding)
  • Help with daily living expenses (rent,clothing, gasoline, groceries, or transportation)
  • Help pay down bills (medical, mortgage and utilities)
  • Rebuild savings
  • Usually is repaid once the case settles

When facing mounting bills, medical treatments, and a family to support the benefits of a settlement loan can make any client consider applying.

The Type of Cases Covered By Lawsuit Funding

Top Rated Lawsuit Funding Companies

Top Rated Lawsuit Funding Companies

When thinking about applying for lawsuit funding, do some research. Find out if your type of case is eligible for lawsuit funding. Sure, each application gets viewed on a case by case basis. But if your type of lawsuit doesn’t meet the prerequisites, it may end up wasting your time. The good news is most cases are eligible for lawsuit cash advance loans.

Some of the types of cases eligible for a pre-settlement loan are:

If you’re unsure about your case’s eligibility, contact the lawsuit funding company and speak with a representative.

Use Caution When Choosing a Lawsuit Funding Company

Top Rated Lawsuit Funding Companies

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Not all lawsuit funding companies are equal. Use good judgment when selecting a lawsuit funding company. Be wary of lawsuit companies that don’t appear legitimate. Some red flags of shady lenders are:

  • Guaranteed Approval
  • No Lawsuit Necessary
  • No Attorney Needed
  • No Reviews or Testimonials
  • Lack of Positive Online Presence
  • Poor Contact Information

When a potential lender guarantees an approval this should make you pause. No reputable loan company will guarantee approval. Each applicant should get screened. Each case needs to be verified and reviewed. If a company promises you’ll receive money, it is probably a scam.

The reason for applying for a pre settlement loan is because you have a pending case nearing a settlement. No legitimate lender gives out free money for no reason.

Submitted signed documents from an attorney is part of the settlement loan process. Representation by a lawyer is mandatory for receiving lawsuit funding.

A business website without testimonials doesn’t command a professional look. If a company’s website lacks reviews or testimonials this is worrisome.

Whether a business is large or small, having a positive online presence is important. If you find more negative than positive comments about a lender, you may want to pursue other options.

All companies need customer service representatives. If you are struggling to find a contact phone number or email address, then move on.

Some of The Top Rated Lawsuit Funding Companies

Lawsuit funding companies are a successful industry that continues to grow. When searching for the best pre-settlement loan companies consider the best.

Lawsuit Cash 911

Top Rated Lawsuit Loan Companies

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Lawsuit Cash 911 offers their clients the peace of mind that comes with paying down debts. We offer a quick and free online application. You can receive lawsuit funding in as little as one day. Plus, you pay us nothing if you don’t win or settle your case.

With loan amounts ranging from $1,000 up to $500,000 and professional staff members, you see why our customers are satisfied.

Fair Rate Funding

Fair Rate Funding specializes in helping personal injury applicants. Clients receive their payments within 24-48 hours after approval.

The minimum payment is $500, but there isn’t a set maximum.

Mayfield Settlement Funding

Mayfield Settlement Funding handles a variety of pre-settlement cases. Their loan payment scale starts at $500 and ends at $250,000.

But they do offer same day approval payments.

Nova Legal Funding

Nova Legal Funding focuses on personal injury claims. The applicant’s settlement loan interest rate depends on the strength of the case. If your case is strong, then your interest rates will remain low. Low rates are good since their payments range from $500 to $2,500,000.

High Rise Financial

High Rise Financial specializes in personal injury claims, automobile accidents, and medical device malfunctions. Although their payments range from $500 to $100,000, which is lower than other lenders, applicants may receive their cash within 24 hours.

Make Your Choice

Now that you know the steps for finding the best lawsuit funding companies, why not invest in the best? If you’re struggling to pay your bills until your case concludes give us a try.

Contact us today to speak with a representative about how to qualify for a settlement loan.



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settlement advance




Most people hate the idea of taking out a loan, but sometimes the extra cash is necessary. How Can a Pre Settlement Lawsuit Loan help?

Are you someone who is anxiously awaiting a settlement, but needs the money now? After all, it can take months or even years to get awarded the money you deserve.

If this sounds like you, a settlement advance may be exactly what you need.

Keep reading to find out more about what this means, how it works, and how it may be able to help you in the long run.


Also called a lawsuit loan or pre-settlement funding:, a settlement advance is a way to get cash now against a future settlement or award. It is typically taken by a person that is in the middle of a lawsuit that will potentially award them money, but they need some cash now to financially sustain themselves during the course of the litigation.

This type of cash advance is great for people that need extra security in their lives during a difficult time. You get to have some extra funds, but you also know that you will be able to repay it later after you win your case and receive your award or settlement offering.

Critics of settlement advances say that they are not financially responsible and expensive, but as long as you know what you are getting yourself into, you can certainly find a good deal ant the money may allow you yo hold out for a larger settlement.

Choosing a lender that is going to help you through your time of need and won’t charge you insane interest rates is important. In most cases the well known companies tend to be competitive. In addition, make sure that you thoroughly look at your contract and understand all terms before signing anything.

A Lawsuit Cash Advance or Lawsuit Loan may be approved for people involved in a lot of different types of lawsuits, but typically it is used by plaintiffs that are in personal injury lawsuits. It helps to cover medical bills or lost wages that may be a direct result of the injury. No matter what kind of case you have, it pays to apply.

Another thing to remember is that not all lawsuits will qualify for a lawsuit loan. The lending company will only get paid if the plaintiff wins the case and a settlement, so it is essential to consider this this when you are trying to decide if it is the right choice for you.It is also important to make sure you have a good law firm working for you.


When a plaintiff decides to file a lawsuit, they can also apply for a loan with a reputable lending company. One the company treviews your case and evaluates how much your settlement may be, they can offer you a contract that asks you to agree to pay back the lawsuit advance with with their funding fee..

There are no payments necessary while the lawsuit is still pending. The money you received is only paid back at the time of settlement if you win or settle your case. If you lose your case, you owe nothing.

If you think of it as you are paying for things that you need now with money you don’t have yet, you get the gist of the idea. The only difference is that you pay a little extra for the convenience.

The Benefits Behind a Cash Advance Settlement

In a lot of situations, lawsuits can be really expensive. If you are also trying to recover from an injury or are losing money in other areas of your life, it can be really difficult to keep up. Settlement advance loans can help you stay on your feet when you’re already dealing with so much.

If you are thinking the settlement is going to give you income you need or pay for bills that need to be covered, you will have more time available with the help of a lawsuit loan. No one wants to prolong the litigation when they are the plaintiff, but it can take a while to reach a fair conclusion.

Having more time to negotiate with the opposition can be helpful for you and your attorney, depending on your case. A lawsuit loan can help tide you over as you wait for the real settlement money to come in later, especially if you are not getting a fair offer just yet.

When you are suffering from lost wages and the inability to work, it can be hard to stay on top of mortgage bills, medical bills, car payments, and other obligations you have in your life. A settlement advance can be the solution that helps you maintain some sense of normalcy in your life while litigations are proceeding.

The biggest benefit to having this type of security in your life is that you will have the money you need in a desperate time that you need it. You can pay off bills, which can be expensive if they are for medical care or personal injury, and still have money to stay afloat if you are unable to work.

Do You Need a Lawsuit Loan?

If you are interested in taking out a lawsuit loan, be sure that you are doing some research and know what to look for. You want to be informed about your options and which options are the best for your financial situation.

A settlement advance is different from a loan in that if you don’t win the case, the money you received is for free. You owe absolutely nothing.. Different lenders have different rules, but knowing that you have the dependability of an option that allows you money when you need it can be helpful.



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