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Lawsuit Loans

     It may be a bit contrary to give you nine of the best lawsuit loan companies when we’re a top-tiered lawsuit loan company ourselves. But LawCash911.com wants to provide you with the most detailed and accurate information as possible, so you find someone that best fits your lawsuit loan funding needs. The types of cases each lawsuit loan company provides pre-settlement cash can be varied and across different industries.

Also, each of the pre-settlement funding company may have different terms than the others. You already have enough on your plate dealing with your lawsuit. You’ve realized that recovery from your injuries has prevented you from going back to work, which has depleted your savings.

Since your lawsuit may be pending for the next few months, it’s so important to find out who the top nine best lawsuit loan companies are. It’s also important to know what each of them can provide you. Continue reading so you can find out which companies made the top nine list and what each of them provides until you find the one right for you.

The definition of a lawsuit loan is when you’re able to borrow money against the settlement or judgment you’ll receive from a filed lawsuit. Lawsuit loans are popular among plaintiffs who’ve lost income or incurred large medical bills due to the injury. There are some good questions to ask the lawsuit loan companies so you can go over your own targeted needs

Some of the questions include, but aren’t limited to:………..









  1. Find out the lawsuit loan companies’ interest rates or what is called funding fees. Bear in mind many lawsuit loan companies have to review the details and specifications in your case before they can give you their interest rates for the lawsuit loan.
  2. Some lawsuit loan companies have application fees, so its best to know upfront if they do. Remember, the lawsuit company has to go through your case information before they move forward, so there is a lot of upfront work is done.
  3. Find out if your lawsuit loan company compounds their interest on loans.
  4. Always confirm you’ll pay nothing to the lawsuit loan company if your lawsuit losses.

Most lawsuit loan companies want to help you while your lawsuit drags through the courts, but they can’t do that if they don’t have all the details of your lawsuit case, so it’s important to provide your attorney information and any documents that are needed.


The Best Lawsuit Loan Companies

When you need to get out of limbo and move forward with paying your bills, you may want to consider pre-settlement funding. Sometimes pre-settlement funding is called lawsuit loans. Pre-settlement funding gives you access to immediate funds, and you never have to repay the loan if you lose your lawsuit.

Selecting nine of the best lawsuit loan companies is difficult, but they’re listed below. They are not in any particular order, and all nine companies have equivalent attributes.


#1 – J.G. Wentworth Structured Settlements

J.G.Wentworth Structured Settlements is a top-tied lawsuit loan company that has given plaintiffs over eight billion dollars in future payments. Most of their plaintiff lawsuit loans are in medical malpractice, personal injury, or wrongful death settlements. These three types of lawsuits aren’t the only ones that can give you lawsuit loans, but they’re the most common.


#2 – LawCash911

LawCash911 was founded by the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA), which gives it top-tiered credibility. ALFA is a trade association that represents top consumer legal funding companies. LawCash911 provides many pre-settlement funding needs for plaintiffs from surgery funding to bundling their lawsuit advance refinancing needs.


#3 – Peachtree Financial Solutions

Peachtree Financial Solutions was acquired by J.G. Wentworth, but there’s enough difference in the two that it’s worth listing them with their independent locations and links. Peachtree has lawsuit loan interest rates that are based on the strength of your case. If your lawsuit is strong, you can be approved in about two days.


#4 – DRB Capital

DRB Capital will give you your pre-settlement money through an advance up to 20% of the money you’re anticipating from your lawsuit. They don’t offer pre-settlement funding to anyone who resides in Arizona, Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, Washington D.C., or West Virginia. DRB uses there stellar experience to provide the structured pre-settlements you need.


#5 – US Claims

US Claims prides itself on providing the plaintiff with low fees and easy approval for all their lawsuit loan needs. They don’t do credit checks and claim to have no hidden fees. Whistleblower Support Fund for auto accidents, workplace injuries, premise accidents, medical malpractice, mass transit injuries and more.


#6 – Oasis Legal Finance

Oasis Legal Finance offers pre-settlement funding to personal injury or liability lawsuits. Oasis was founded by attorneys who saw a need amongst their clients for money to help them with medical bills and other living expenses that were accrued while waiting for lawsuit settlements. The attorneys wanted to make life livable for their clients and created Oasis as a way to help do that.


#7 – High Rise Financial

High Rise Financial sets the bar high with their professionalism combined with pre-settlement funding that has flexible terms. High Rise Financial believes you should have the ability to maximize your time while you wait for your lawsuit to be won. They work closely with your attorney in any way they can to ensure you get the best possible financial settlement.


#8 – Mayfield Settlement Funding

Mayfield Settlement Funding offers pre-settlement funding from $500 – $250,000 for injury settlement cases. The company is proud of their simple application process that gives you the same-day processing answers. They want you to have an attorney that believes in your case and works on your behalf.


#9 – Nova Legal Fund

Nova Legal Fund is the only pre-settlement funding company that operates on a sliding scale. That means the stronger your lawsuit is, the lower your interest rates for your lawsuit loan.


The Lawsuit Cash Advance You Need Is Waiting for You 

Now that you know the best lawsuit loan companies and what they each provide you with their nuanced differences. Bills wait for no one and time isn’t on your side with injury lawsuits because they do tend to move slowly but surely through the legal system. So we want you to feel free to reach out to us with your questions and we’ll help you keep pace with your bills. Marketplace

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Lawsuit Cash Advances

How to Get a Lawsuit Loan:

Lawsuit Loans


Lawsuit Cash Advances

If you have been in an accident where you were injured, you fully understand all the difficulties that follow. You need to fix or replace your car. Dealing with insurance and probably lawyers is all part of the deal.

You also need to recover from your injuries and that doesn’t always happen overnight. You might be unable to work or even perform your daily responsibilities while you hobble through recovery.

Perhaps you are now part of a lawsuit to get compensation because you were not the cause of your accident. You might be waiting patiently, or not so patiently, for your lawsuit settlement, so you can pay your unpaid bills that accumulated while you were out of work.

Lawsuit Cash Advances


Have you considered a lawsuit cash advance to help out as you wait for your case to be settled? Read on to learn everything you need to know about lawsuit loans.

What is a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

A lawsuit cash advance is what the name implies. You are part of a lawsuit because of an injury you sustained in an accident. There is a pending lawsuit where you hope and expect to be compensated for your injuries sustained as a result of the accident. The lawsuit cash advance acts as a loan for the money you anticipate getting once the lawsuit is settled.

The cash advances go by many different names depending on the lender. They include:

Whatever name is used, the idea remains the same. You get money in advance of your settlement to help with expenses while you wait for the case to come to completion.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Cash Advance Loan

Litigation Finance


A cash advance loan can be very helpful to cover bills and obligations if you are out of work from an injury. But there are some things to consider before you decide to go through with getting one.

Of course, the biggest advantage is that you get the necessary cash to survive. This can mean you can pay your bills and cover all those medicals expenses that may be pouring in because of your injury.

It also means you have some breathing room as your lawyers work through your case. You can hold out and get a better settlement result for your case because you are less desperate for money. (bad news for the insurance company)

The disadvantages are the cost of the loan. Like any loan, there is interest to pay. In some instances, certain cases will not qualify for a loan.

Types of Cases Funded By Cash Advance Loans

Loans on Pending Lawsuits


Different lenders have different criteria. So often a person looking for a lawsuit cash advance will want to shop around at their options. Here are some of the cases commonly eligible for a lawsuit loan:

As you decide whether a cash advance loan is right for you, you can also research lenders (How to find the Best Lawsuit Loan Companies) the cases they are willing to write loans for.

How Do Cash Advance Loans Work

When you decide you want to get an advance of the expected settlement from your case, you need to do your homework. Like getting an auto loan or a mortgage, not all loans (or companies) are created equal.

Do your due diligence and shop around for the best loan terms. Read the fine print. Understand how the interest will be accrued.

Ask if you are expected to make payments while your case is still in litigation, (you have chosen the wrong company)  It’s important to understand how is the loan repaid once you have a settlement. A bona fide lawsuit funding company waits for the litigation to end before repayment.

What Do You Need To Qualify for a Lawsuit Cash Advance Loan?

Lawsuit Lending


While the steps vary from lender to lender, there are some basic steps you need to follow when applying for a lawsuit cash advance loan. These include:

  • Need a court case already in progress
  • Already have a retained lawyer (on a contingency basis) for your case
  • Liability should show the other party was at fault
  • You need the money for bills and expenses

In nearly all lawsuit loans, you must also agree to pay the loan back in full once you get a settlement from the case.

How is the Loan Repaid?

Once you reach a settlement, beyond a sigh of relief, you must then pay back the loan. How does that work?

The courts will issue the judgment for the settlement to paid and usually who it should be paid to.

Legal fees and any court fees are paid out from the settlement. Then any unpaid medical expenses are paid, usually as part of the settlement. If there are liens because of the lawsuits, those will also be paid.

Then the lawsuit cash advance is paid back. Once all those financial obligations are met, the remaining settlement is paid to the injured party.

What Happens if You Lose?

Like the other conditions, this varies from lender to lender. But most lawsuit loans are set up that if you lose your case, you do not have to pay back the loan.

This should tell you that the lawsuit lender will want to have a certain amount of certainty about your case. They will study the facts of the case closely. They will want to look at the record of your attorney, to see how often they win or lose in court.

This might also mean you to find a loan against your settlement, you might need to apply to several lenders before finding one willing to give you the advance.

lawsuit advances


Get a Lawsuit Cash Advance Today

Living through an accident or injury is bad enough. Facing the recovery, disruption to your life and the associated bills can be downright overwhelming.

Lawsuit cash advance loans are a way to get through those trying times with less worry.

If you or someone you love is involved in litigation for injuries, we can help. Contact us today to learn about our loan services. Let us help you through this difficult process.

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How To Find The Best Lawsuit Loan Companies 

Pre-Settlement loans

Best Lawsuit Loan Company

Best Lawsuit Loan Company

Were you awarded money from an accident, Roundup case, or slip-and-fall lawsuit? The good news is that you will finally be getting money to pay for necessary expenses that have piled up since your injury. The bad news is that it can take a long time to get your money — you could be waiting for years.  If you need the money right now, a lawsuit loan can help. There are tons of companies that provide pre-settlement loans and not all of them are reputable. So, how do you find the best pre-settlement loan companies?  

Signs Of A Good Pre-Settlement Loan Company 

Here are some things to look for when choosing a lawsuit loan company. 

# 1 Online Presence  

The first step in finding the best lawsuit loan companies is to check out their online presence. The goal is to make sure they are legitimate. Do they have a website and a Facebook page? Does their website look professional? Do the links work?  Is the site trusted? Check out the companies Facebook page. Do they have links back to their website? If the company has no online presence other than a brand-new website, it pays to be skeptical. 

Lawsuit Loans Customer Service


#2 Exceptional Customer Service 

Customer service is extremely important when it comes to finding the best lawsuit loan companies. A good way to gauge customer service is to look at current reviews. Check out testimonials by previous customers. What do customers say about this company? Legitimate companies will have lots of reviews from satisfied customers. Scammers, on the other hand, will set up websites quickly and have few or no reviews. 

#3 Upfront Answers 

The best pre-settlement loan companies give you answers. When you call the company, they should answer all of your questions satisfactorily. They should be frank about the requirements for a pre-settlement loan. If the company is vague or you feel rushed to make a decision without having enough information, then it is best to choose another lawsuit loan company. 


Best Pre Settlement Loan Companies

Best Pre Settlement Loan Companies

#4 Multi-Channel Support 

Choose a company that offers multi-channel support, meaning multiple ways to get in contact with them. Examples of multi-channel support include website forms, email, social chat, and telephone. Companies that offer multi-channel support make it easier to for you to exchange information. You might want to call and talk to customer service representatives if you have specific questions about the loan process. Email support may work best when you need to send documents in to support your application. Multi-channel support ensures that you can do all of those things without a fuss. 

#5 A Wealth Of Resources 

The best pre-settlement loan companies offer a ton of self-service resources to help you learn about pre-settlement loans. They should create and share articles, blog posts, FAQ pages, videos, and more to answer all of your questions. Reputable companies want you to make an informed decision about a pre-settlement loan. They want you to fully understand how lawsuit loans work. This is why they provide this information. Less reputable companies don’t want customers to be informed. So they only provide the basics.  

#6 Online Application 

The best pre-settlement loan companies allow you to start the application process online. It shows that the company values your time. You may still have to talk to someone over the phone or via email, but starting the process online makes it easier and quicker to get started. Filling out a form online speeds up the process significantly. 

#7 Quick Approval

24hr Lawsuit Loan Approvals

24hr Lawsuit Loan Approvals

If you’ve filed a personal injury lawsuit, then you probably need the money quickly. You may be off work and bills are piling up quickly.

You need the cash now to pay your rent, utilities or mortgage payments. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get your money. Good lawsuit loan companies should be able to approve your application in a timely manner.  The best lawsuit loan companies offer 24-hour approval. 

#8 Free Application 

You should never have to pay a fee upfront to apply for a pre-settlement loan. Reputable lawsuit loan companies do not require you to pay a penny before you receive your pre-settlement funding. If you come across a lawsuit loan company that demands a fee up front for processing, walk away fast. The company could be a scammer hoping to make a quick buck. 

#9 Risk-Free Funding

Best Lawsuit Loan Companies

Best Lawsuit Loan Companies

Trustworthy lawsuit loan companies offer “non-recourse funding,” which means that you won’t be required to pay back money if you lose your case. If a pre-settlement loan company tells you that you will need to repay the money if you don’t win your case, you should be wary. They could be trying to take advantage of you. 

Things To Watch Out For

Here are some red flags to look out for when choosing a lawsuit loan company. 


  • Guaranteed approval – There’s no such thing as guaranteed pre-settlement lending. It is the case that counts. Reputable lawsuit loan companies examine each case carefully before making a decision. So, if you are offered guaranteed approval, be cautious. It could be a scam. 
  • No attorney needed – Legitimate lawsuit loan companies require that you be working with an attorney before you apply. Avoid any lawsuit pre-settlement lender that tells you that you can get a lawsuit loan without a lawyer. 
  • Offers a loan with no case – In order to get pre-settlement lending, you must have a case currently in court. The loan amount is based on your expected settlement. Therefore, you can’t get funding if you don’t have an active case. Any company that says that you can get funding without a case is likely operating some kind of scam. 
Pre Settlement Lawsuit Loans

Pre Settlement Lawsuit Loans

The Bottom Line 

When you’re waiting for money from a personal injury or some different type of lawsuit, a Lawsuit Cash Advance Loan can provide you with the cash that you need to cover your bills and other expenses. But, you must do your homework to ensure that you are dealing with an honest company. 

At Lawsuit Cash 911, we have helped many people get pre-settlement cash quickly. Check out our many reviews or contact us to Get The Best Lawsuit Loan Company for your settlement funds.



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In 2018, injuries alone led to a whopping 45.5 million visits to U.S. Emergency Departments.

As if that’s not bad enough, many of these injuries were preventable. In fact, one accidental and preventable injury now occur every second in the U.S.

It’s no wonder then that accidental injury is now a leading cause of death and disability in the country.

So, if you’ve been in an accident caused by another person, you likely filed a personal injury lawsuit. All those medical bills, however, are draining your bank account. This has you wondering if a pre-settlement cash advance or a conventional lawsuit loan can help you.

The simple answer is yes, they can tide you over while you wait for your settlement. That doesn’t mean you should just apply for either. There are huge differences between the two, from their requirements to repayments.

That said, keep reading to know how these legal funding programs differ so you can make the right choice!

The Lowdown on Lawsuit Loans

Did you know that in 2018, the average annual health care spending in the U.S. was $11,212 per person? That’s already expensive, so imagine how major injuries can make it even more so.

This is why lawsuit loans have become popular among personal injury plaintiffs. As the term suggests, these are loans often applied by people with an ongoing legal battle. Aside from massive medical bills, personal injury victims also often lose income.

Depending on the type of lawsuit loan you get, you either take on actual debt or an advance of your settlement. The former is often paid back in installments, like a typical loan. If you apply for a cash advance settlement, you pay back what you “owe” only if you receive the actual settlement.

A Closer Look at Pre Settlement Cash Advance Programs

Pre-settlement cash advance loans are also known as lawsuit cash advance loans. They are a type of lawsuit loan, but they’re non-recourse loans. Meaning, if you don’t win your personal injury case, you won’t have to pay the lender back!

Whereas with traditional banking lawsuit loans, you may have to pay them back whether you win the case or not. Moreover, many of these lawsuit financing programs come with monthly interest rates. If you sign a contract for one of these, you’d have to make monthly payments for the loan.

Also, know that legislation exists for many states with available lawsuit funding. For instance, Illinois requires lawsuit funding companies to register with the DFPR. They also need to follow disclosure requirements and fee limitations.

The Key Differences

Here are some other differences between lawsuit loans and lawsuit cash advance loans:



Eligibility Requirements

The best providers of lawsuit cash advances only look for two eligibility factors. First, you already have a pending lawsuit. Second, you have an attorney representing you.

If you meet both, then you can go ahead and send your cash advance application.

Also, don’t worry about collateral, as a good lawsuit cash advance lender doesn’t require any. The loan is already secured, after all, when you agree to pay them back part of your settlement. Again, you’ll only pay the lender back if you win the case and receive the settlement.

Meanwhile, traditional lenders of other lawsuit loans may look at your credit score. This can be a problem if you’re part of the 16% of Americans who have a very poor FICO score. Even if you qualify despite your bad credit score, they may need you to submit other forms of collateral.

Application Process and Processing Time

On the other hand, from application to approval, applying for pre-settlement funding usually only takes two days. Once you forward your application, the lender will look at your case and its merits. Meaning, they’ll review how big your chances are of winning the lawsuit.

If they see that you’re likely to win, they’ll calculate how much advance they can give you. They’ll base this off your case’s settlement amount. You can negotiate either a lower or higher advance, but make sure you negotiate within reason.

You’ll receive the money soon after you accept the lenders offer. Again, that can be in as little as 24 hours. This can be a life-saver, especially if you’re running out of time to pay bills like mortgage and utilities.

With standard banking lawsuit funding, you may have to wait longer to learn if you qualify for the loan. This is especially true for lenders who perform credit checks on their applicants. Pulling out your financial records alone, much more reviewing them, can take a lot of time.

Repayment??? – Non Recourse Loans???

So long as you work with a reliable lawsuit cash advance lender, you won’t have to pay an application fee. The only time you have to make a payment is if you secure your settlement. There are no monthly charges to worry about. Also, Keep in mind a professional Lawsuit Lender will offer a Non Recourse Loan which simply means if you lose your lawsuit you owe nothing…

Of course, if you win you do have to pay a service fee for your lawsuit cash advance. The good news is, you don’t have to pay this right away. A reliable funding company will only ask you to pay for this after you receive the settlement.

Many regular bank style lawsuit loans, on the other hand, come with application fees. If you take out a typical loan, it’s likely you’d need to pay it back in monthly increments too. All those interest payments can quickly add up,and you may end up owing more than your settlement amount.

Get the Help You Need Now with a Lawsuit Cash Advance

When it comes to various lawsuit loans, the devil is in the detail. So, be sure that the lender is offering you a pre-settlement cash advance and not a typical banking lawsuit loan. This way, you can make certain you’re signing a contract for a non-recourse funding program.

Ready to apply for a lawsuit cash advance? If so, then be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to pre-settlement funding



first! This’ll help you secure not only the best offer, but also ensure you’ll work with a legitimate lender.

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