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Can I Get a Settlement Loan? How to Find Out How Much You Can Borrow On Your Case

settlement loan

There are over 30 million visits to the emergency room each year by patients who were injured accidentally. Many of those injuries were caused by the negligence of another party.

If you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you no doubt understand the struggle of meeting even basic financial responsibilities as you recover.

Did you know that financial help is available for victims of negligence cases?

Keep reading for more information on lawsuit settlement loans and to find out if you might qualify for a cash advance on your case. 

What Are Settlement Loans?

If you have a personal injury case that is in litigation, you may be eligible for a settlement loan. Settlement loans are a great way to maintain your financial health and sanity while you work to resolve your personal injury claim.

When you are injured in an accident that was not your own fault, the financial burden can be devastating. Not only will you be faced with medical bills and hospital bills but you will likely miss time from work while you recover.

Not being able to hold a job is common for accident victims and leads to a snowball effect of hardships. If you were the victim of a car accident, you might be without a vehicle. Paying for basic living expenses and utilities can become overwhelming in such a difficult time.

Legal Liability

When you visit a property owned by another party, they have a duty to uphold a standard of care and ensure your safety. When property owners or other parties fail to act reasonably and cause injury to another party, they are negligent.

Unfortunately, the process of proving your case can be long and grueling.  

Fortunately, there is a way to get an advance on the settlement you are owed. You can apply for a settlement loan, also called a lawsuit cash advance.

This type of loan is special in that if you lose your case, you don’t have to pay back the loan. Lenders only loan money to plaintiffs that they are confident will win their cases.

This type of loan is called a non-recourse loan and is risk-free for the consumer. 

Benefits of Settlement Loans

Settlement loans come with many benefits and few risks for a victim of an accident. Keep reading for some of the benefits of lawsuit loans that will help you qualify.

Quick Approval

Lawsuit settlement loans are usually approved quickly and easily. Funding is usually available within 24-48 hours. Lenders know you need the money as soon as possible and are not going to drag you through a drawn-out lending process.

No Income Verification

The premise of a settlement loan is that your anticipated cash settlement is your guarantee of repayment.

Your personal circumstances are not important and your lender will not scrutinize your personal financial situation. You will not have to provide proof of income in order to qualify for the loan.

In fact, many recipients of lawsuit loans are not employed at all due to their injuries.

No Credit Check

Your credit history will have no bearing on your ability to qualify for this type of loan.

You can get a lawsuit settlement loan with poor credit or no credit at all. Even if you don’t qualify, you will not risk dinging your credit score by applying. 


We already mentioned that you don’t have to pay back your loan if you don’t win your case. What’s also great about settlement loans is that you don’t have to make payments until your case is resolved.

It can take months or years to settle a personal injury lawsuit. With a settlement loan, you don’t have to start making payments until you receive your settlement check.

And of course, if you don’t receive a settlement, you don’t have to pay back the loan.

No Collateral Required

You don’t have to worry about putting up collateral in order to qualify for a loan.

Since you don’t have to pay back the loan if you don’t receive a settlement, there is no need for collateral. You are not risking any of your assets by taking out this type of loan. 

Protecting Your Financial Future

Many victims of accidents are forced to deplete their personal savings to make it through the duration of their lawsuit.

They may also cash out their 401ks or take out a second mortgage on their home. While these measures might seem necessary at the time, they can have disastrous effects on your future financial health.

Applying for a settlement loan allows you to protect your assets and protect your financial future once your lawsuit is settled and over.

Furthermore, you will only be able to borrow what you are expected to receive in your settlement. It’s unlikely that you will overextend yourself, which is a serious risk with many other types of loans. 

Determining if You Qualify

Generally, there are only two requirements to apply for a settlement loan.

First, you must have a personal injury case that has been filed as a lawsuit. Second, you must be represented by an attorney.

If you meet these two conditions, you can easily apply for a lawsuit settlement loan.

How Much You Qualify For

Determining how much you may qualify for is something best left to your attorney. Your attorney will have the experience and expertise in your jurisdiction to estimate the value of your case.

All cases are different and the nature of your injury and course of treatment will determine exactly how much your specific case is worth.

You can then work with your lender to borrow the amount you are expected to receive in your settlement. 

Apply Today

When it comes to lawsuit loans, there is no risk in applying.

If you have a case and meet the basic requirements discussed above, consider applying for a settlement loan today. You will quickly find out whether you qualify and how much you qualify for.

Contact us to get funding today.