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Estimates place the prevalence rate of wrongful imprisonment cases in the US at 2% to 10%. With 2.3 million people in prison, that

Wrongful Incarceration

Wrongful Incarceration Devastates 

translates to 46,000 to 230,000 innocent yet imprisoned people!

Exonerations, however, are not as frequent — only 2,635 reported cases since 1989. Still, the wrongful convictions of these exonerees led to at least 23,531 lost years.

If you or a loved one is an exoneree, then you likely have filed a wrongful incarceration lawsuit. It’s your every right, but it can take years to settle and receive compensation.

In this case, a fast lawsuit cash advance can help fill in the gap as you wait for what your state owes you.

The question is, what exactly is a lawsuit cash advance? How can it help those who’ve suffered from false imprisonment? Most importantly, how can you apply for and receive such legal funding?

This post will answer all these questions and more, so be sure to stay right on this page!

Wrongful Convictions: Their Irreversible and Life-Altering Damage

A whopping 39 years — that’s the longest time that an exonerated US defendant spent behind bars. That defendant is none other than Ricky Jackson.

At first, Jackson received a sentence that involved death by electric chair. In 1977, two years after his incarceration, the court reduced his sentence to life in prison.

I am an Innocent Man

I am an Innocent Man

According to the exoneree, he had to fight other inmates when he had to, to protect his own life. In interviews, he also recounted spending numerous times in solitary confinement. He also recalled how imprisonment killed all “his dreams” and intentions.

It was only in 2014 — almost four decades later — when prosecutors dropped all charges against him. The two brothers, who also had wrongful convictions for the same crime, had an earlier release. Both still spent decades behind bars for a crime that they, like Jackson, didn’t have anything to do with.

However, Jackson’s compensation for his wrongful imprisonment didn’t occur right after his release. It took several more months before he received the first preliminary award of $1 million. It wasn’t until April 2016 that the Ohio Court of Claims settled the full claim for $2.65 million.

This is only one of the thousands of examples of how damaging wrongful convictions are. No amount of money can replace all those years lost behind bars. However, rightful compensation can provide even a small ray of hope to those who finally get free.

Wrongful Imprisonment Settlements and Compensations Can Still Take Years

Victims of a false arrest or conviction have all the right to compensation. However, as Jackson’s case has highlighted, settlement can take months to several years. Worse, some states — the same ones that made a wrongful conviction resulting in wrongful imprisonment — have shown to offer little support.

There’s also the matter of employment discrimination against exonerees. Yes, the justice system has freed them of all charges, informing the public of their innocence. Still, many employers discriminate against them, sometimes rejecting them outright.

So, the pain and suffering continue. With little to no financial resources, many exonerees are at risk of being homeless. Even if they have loved ones to help care for them, they still need to have access to their own funds.

What Does a Lawsuit Cash Advance Have to Do With This Then?

Lawsuit Loans Help

Lawsuit Loans Help

lawsuit cash advance is a type of legal or litigation funding. This type of funding, in turn, is an agreement wherein a borrower will only pay upon the success of a lawsuit. Meaning, if the lawsuit ends up with the other party winning, the borrower won’t pay back the lender.

The “borrower”, in this case, the exoneree, will only pay back the lender after settlement. The lender will take a portion of the settlement amount as a repayment for the issued cash advance. So long as there’s no settlement, the borrower will owe the lender nothing.

That said, a cash advance can apply to pending lawsuits for wrongful imprisonment. It pays out a portion of a pending settlement in advance.

Let’s say you’ve already filed a false arrest or false imprisonment lawsuit. You have a lawyer working for you and who also confirms that you have a strong prima-facie case. With this, it would be quite easy for you to get a cash advance on the pending lawsuit.

A Deeper Look Into Cash Advance Funding for Wrongful Imprisonment Lawsuits

You may have heard of such cash advance programs referred to as pre-settlement loans. However, despite the word “loans” in the term, they aren’t like the traditional loans you get from banks.

In fact, no bank is likely to provide a loan to anyone who has no credit score. Personal loan lenders have also rejected as many as 76% of standard applications. Those are applications from regular consumers.

Unfortunately, many victims of false convictions and wrongful incarceration and wrongful incarceration have no credit score. There’s also nothing standard or regular about being an exoneree, unfortunately. That makes it even more unlikely for victims of injustice to get approved for a traditional loan.

lawsuit funding loan or cash advance, on the other hand, only needs you to have a lawyer and an active lawsuit. You don’t need to have a credit score, nor do you need to be an employee. No banks will have to take part in the application and approval processes either.

So long as you have a strong prima-facie case handled by a lawyer, you can apply for non-recourse funding.

How a Fast Lawsuit Cash Advance Can Help

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average consumer expenses in 2018 was $61,224. That translates to a daily cost of living of about $168 a day. Food expenditures alone accounted for $7,923 of that annual total.

Help Me Please

Help Me Please!!!!

As someone recently exonerated, you or a loved one likely has little to no funds to cover such costs. Yes, you’re awaiting settlement, but then again, it can take months to years before you get the money.

Lawsuit cash advances can give you access to the funds you need in as little as 24 to 48 hours. It won’t be the full settlement amount, but it could be enough to help cover your daily living costs.

The fast approval and issuance of cash is only one way that a pre-settlement cash advance can help. Here are other benefits of litigation funding that you can expect.

No Discrimination, Just Quick Assistance

Unlike some employers, banks, and other lenders, lawsuit funding companies don’t discriminate. Again, that’s because they don’t need to check your credit score or credit report.

What matters to them is that you’re free of previous charges. The dismissal of your conviction, after all, should make you entitled to compensation. This, in turn, means that at some point, you should receive a settlement.

However, because they know that this can take years, they’re ready to provide financial aid. So long as they can verify that you have a strong case, then you can rely on them for help.

Non-Recourse Means No Strict Repayment Timetable

Non Recourse Loans

Non Recourse Loans are Safe

One of the significant advantages of lawsuit funding loans is them being non-recourse. This means that if the courts don’t award you compensation, you don’t have to pay back the cash advance. This also means that, unlike bank loans, you don’t have to worry about monthly repayments.

Again, you would only have to pay back the pre-settlement cash advance if you win. Even if winning would take two years, it won’t matter — you’ll only have to make the repayment during that time.

The Application Process

The primary requirement for a lawsuit cash advance is a valid lawsuit. Meaning, you should already have a pending case against the erring parties. These can be the state, the police officers — anyone who had to do with your false conviction and jail time.

You also need to have a state-licensed attorney working on your behalf. The cash advance company would need to correspond with your lawyer. Your lawyer, in turn, would have to confirm that you have a solid case against the erring parties.

If you meet all these requirements, then you’re more than likely to qualify for a lawsuit cash advance.

Get the Help You Need With a Lawsuit Cash Advance Now

There you have it, everything you need to know about getting a fast lawsuit cash advance. As you can see, they provide invaluable help for victims of false arrests or convictions. Pre-settlement funding can give you or your loved one a fresh start in life sooner than your state can.

If you or a beloved family member has an active wrongful imprisonment case, we here at Lawsuit Cash 911 can help. Here’s a complete list of all the states we serve as well as our contact details. Please get in touch with us now so we can lend you cash ASAP.



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Over 2,500 lawsuits — that’s the current count of filed opioid lawsuits throughout the US.

The defendants? None other than the companies that manufactured and supplied these drugs.

As for the plaintiffs, many are state and local governments themselves. Many others are those who’ve developed an addiction disorder to these painkillers. Others are family members of those who passed away due to opioid overdose.

For the victims, opioid lawsuits can help to recover some of the damages they’ve sustained. Unfortunately, they are costly and the compensation isn’t always 100% guaranteed.

In these cases, opioid lawsuit loans can help by providing financial aid. They can serve as a form of legal funding as you await settlement.

The question is, what exactly are these loans, and how do they work? What can you use the loan money for?

We’ll get to the bottom of all these burning questions, so be sure to stick around and read on!

Opioid Destruction

Opioids Destroy

The Life-Altering Damage Brought by Opioids

In 2018, over 67,300 people in the US died due to a drug-involved overdose. Such deaths include only those from illicit substances and yes, prescription opioids.

Granted, that figure is over 3,000 lower than the 70,000+ drug overdose deaths in 2017. Still, that’s an average of 130 daily deaths caused by opioid overdose.

Despite that, pharmaceutical corporations continued to ignore signs of their misuse. They kept manufacturing these painkillers, and in the process, made billions of profits.

Opioid overdoses are so common as they’re among the most addictive drugs out there. That’s because they have a direct chemical effect on the nervous system. Aside from relieving pain, they also work in a way that induces feelings of pleasure.

These drugs alter the brain chemistry that their constant use leads to tolerance. As the body becomes more “tolerant”, it would need a higher dose of the drug to feel the same effects. It’s this heightened dosage that causes not only addiction but also deadly overdoses.

The Case for Opioid Lawsuits

Companies targeted by opioid lawsuits are those that manufacture and distribute the drugs. At the heart of all

Opioid Lawsuits

Opioid Lawsuits are Here

these lawsuits, however, is Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin. According to the plaintiffs, it’s this company that started the opioid crisis.

Purdue Pharma is only one of the many defendants in the battle though. In May 2017, the Attorney General of Ohio filed a lawsuit against over a dozen pharma companies. Purdue Pharma is part of the list, but so is Johnson & Johnson and other big names in the industry.

One of the main cases against these drug makers has to do with false and negligent advertising. The plaintiffs contend that they’ve underplayed the risks of the painkilling drugs. They also claim that pharmaceutical companies exaggerated the benefits of their drugs.

At the same time, plaintiffs are suing distributors for supplying these pills. Their allegation is that these suppliers already knew that drug misuse was going on. For instance, in some places, the number of prescribed painkillers exceeded the population.

The Economic Burden of the Opioid Crisis

In 2018 alone, the overall economic cost of opioids reached an estimated $696 billion. On a longer-term scale, the opioid crisis cost the US a staggering $2.5 trillion from 2015 to 2018.

Per person, treatment expenses vary based on the certified opioid treatment program. For instance, methadone treatments averaged $6,552 per year. Naltrexone treatments, on the other hand, had an estimated average yearly cost of $14,112.

Take note that those figures are for treatment alone — they don’t include the losses from, say, days away from work. Nor do they include the money spent on acquiring these drugs in the first place.

Worse, those numbers can’t, in any way, account for the pain and suffering that opioid victims deal with. Especially the grief and mourning of families that lost a loved one due to opioid overdose.

Opioid Lawsuits

Oxycodone is the generic name for opioid pain killing tablets. 

How Opioid Lawsuit Loans Provide Some Semblance of Relief

Even if someone stops using opioids, the effects of these drugs can continue for years. In fact, the minimum length of treatment for methadone is 12 months.

As such, doctor visits, treatment center fees, and hospital charges can quickly pile up. These bills can’t wait, regardless if a patient has the money or not. Worse, it can be hard for people with an addiction disorder to obtain and keep a job.

Without proper treatment, however, things can spiral out of control once again.

Opioid lawsuit loans can help by providing you or your loved one with the funds to keep up with treatment. You can use the loan money to ensure ongoing treatment for opioid addiction. You can also use it to pay for other bills, such as your utility services at home.

How Do These Painkiller Addiction Lawsuit Loans Work?

Whether it’s Oxycodone, morphine, or methadone lawsuit loans, all these are non-recourse loans. You may have also heard of them referred to as “pre-settlement loans“.

The “pre” there means that you can take out a loan prior to receiving the settlement itself. After all, settlements and lawsuits can take years. This means that you’re likely to wait for a long time before you receive compensation.

Being “non-recourse” means that opioid pre-settlement loans are a type of secured loan. The actual settlement serves as the security or collateral of the loan.

However, this doesn’t mean that the lender will take the entire settlement once you receive it. They will only deduct the loan amount plus any other pre-agreed-upon charges. The remaining money will go to you, and of course, your lawyer fees.

No Settlement, No Incurred Debt

Non Recourse Loans

Non Recourse Loans

The repayment of opioid lawsuit loans depends on the outcome of a case. You would only need to repay the lender once you receive the settlement. In addition, there are no monthly payments or rising loan interest rates to worry about.

You do have the option to repay the lawsuit loan lender even before you receive the settlement. You can do so without extra fees such as “pre-payment penalties” that many lenders often charge. If you have the means to pay back the loan sooner, then feel free to do so.

If, in the unlikely event that your case loses, then you won’t owe the lender anything.

That’s right — you won’t be in debt because the courts decided to favor the opioid maker. In this case, you won’t have to pay back anything to the lender, not even a penny.

This is what makes opioid litigation funding a viable financing option. You deserve compensation, but if you do lose your case, you won’t incur a massive opioid loan debt.

Who Can Qualify for an Opioid Lawsuit Loan?

A current meritorious case is the main requirement to qualify for pre-settlement funding. A meritorious case is one that’s already in court, filed, and is in an active status. This applies to morphine, methadone, OxyContin, Vicodin, Dilaudid, Actiq, or any opioid lawsuit.

You must also have a qualified and licensed lawyer representing your opioid lawsuit. Your legal team should also be working for you on a contingency basis.

If you satisfy these two conditions, then you can apply for a pre-settlement loan. You can do so at any time throughout the litigation or court process. Whether it’s at the beginning or in the middle of the settlement, you can apply for an opioid lawsuit loan.

How Much Would an Individual Get From an Opioid Lawsuit Loan?

This depends on the type of opioid case as well as the costs of retaining a lawyer. This is why pre-settlement loan lenders need borrowers to have an active case. They need to have a clear idea of how much the estimated settlement value is.

From there, they will then deduct the estimated payments that will go to the lawyer. They will then base the amount of loan that they will provide on the remainder of the settlement.

How Soon Can You Get the Loan Money?

In many cases, it takes as little as two days to get the pre-settlement funding you need. This already includes the application procedure as well as the approval process. In some cases, you can even get the funds as soon as the following day.

Don’t Let the Damage Caused by Opioids Go Uncompensated

As you can see, opioids have and will continue to be a burden unless all their victims speak out. That’s why if these drugs have claimed you or a loved one as a victim, know that you deserve compensation.

Once you have an active lawsuit, or if you already have one, consider opioid lawsuit loans. We here at Lawsuit Cash 911 can help you get your lawsuit cash as soon as possible. With our no-risk settlement loans, you don’t have to wait for months, or even years, to receive a settlement.



RJ Hopkins

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Whistleblower Lawsuit Loans


In 2019 2,084 brave people stepped up to report Section11(c) OSHA violations. This is one of the most popular whistleblower categories. No matter what type of whistleblower case you reported, you did the right thing.

However, despite standing up for what’s right, you may face some hard times ahead. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills while you help bring a company or a government agency to justice.

Whistleblower Pre Settlement Loans


Whistleblower pre-settlement loans can help you breathe easy while you wait for your case to come to a conclusion. This isn’t a standard loan; our whistleblower lawsuit funding is a risk-free solution to your financial worries.

Do You Have a Whistleblower Case?

If you see your employer committing waste, abuse, corruption, or fraud, you can stand up for what’s right and come forward with this information. An investigation will get commence, and then if deemed appropriate, legal charges will be brought against the company.

Here are some common whistleblower lawsuits:

As the whistleblower, you hope to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, there’s no statutory right under the Whistleblower Protection Act to remain anonymous. This means you can potentially face retaliation from your employer through termination

Whistleblower Funding


, demotion, discrimination, or damage to your reputation through the judgment of others.

How We Can Help?

Once you lose your position and your identity is known throughout your industry, it can be difficult to obtain new employment. As your case remains pending, you still have bills and living expenses to pay.

You can’t properly pursue your case if you’re distracted by trying to manage your expenses. We offer whistleblower case funding to help you manage your expenses while you wait for your case to move through the court system.

We consider this an important service. As a whistleblower, we don’t want you to hesitate to report wrongdoing because you fear financial strain.

How Whistleblower Lawsuit Loans Work

Whistleblower Lawsuit Loans


Whistleblower funding is similar to our pre-settlement funding. The main difference is that there is no “settlement” in a whistleblower case. Instead, you receive a reward for your risk and efforts in being a whistleblower.

You’ll need to fill out an application to start the loan process. Then if approved, you’ll receive your funding.  You don’t have to repay your loan until you receive your reward from your whistleblower case.

No-Risk to You

This is not a typical loan. There is no risk of accepting this type of loan as a whistleblower. If you lose your case, you owe nothing.

That means you incur no risk by accepting your funding. What you agree to is called a non-recourse loan. Meaning, if you fail to receive a reward in your case, then you do not have to repay your loan.

How to Apply for Whistleblower Funding

When you apply for your funding, you’ll need to give some information about yourself, your attorney’s contact information, your case, and the amount you’re requesting. We’ll then do a quick evaluation and determine what we can offer you.

There is no credit check, employment verification, and no bank approval required. All it takes is filling out an online form or a friendly phone call with one of our representatives who will walk you through the process.

We only offer funding in certain states, so you must reside in one of our lawsuit funding states to qualify.

How Much Funding Can You Receive?



The exact amount you can be approved for will vary. This is because your loan amount will depend on the type of case you have. While it’s impossible for anyone to predict your reward amount, we can look at historical records to find similar cases to come up with an estimate.

Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers typically receive between 15 and 30% of the amount recovered by the government as a result of your whistleblowing. This can be quite a lot of money when you consider that defendants found guilty of fraud are liable for three times the amount of the actual damages plus up to $11,000 per false claim.

We will approve funding for a percentage of what your final reward will be. We do not approve funding for the entire estimated amount.

Factors That Affect Compensation

There are a number of factors that come into play when determining what percentage of the amount recovered you’ll receive. First, the quality of your information is determined.

Did you supply correct and reliable information, and was that information the basis for the case? If the bulk of the information was already known, and you simply confirmed it, then your percentage will be lower.

Second, did you hire skilled legal representation? The more you and your attorney contribute to the case, the larger the reward will be for both you and your attorney.

Third, did you contribute to the fraud? While you’re encouraged to be a whistleblower even though you were complacent in the wrongdoing, this activity can reduce your reward.

Notable Whistleblower Rewards

While no one can promise you a specific reward amount, most whistleblower cases result in large rewards. As you can see, whistleblowers are from all industries and span across a wide range of violations.

J P Morgan

A recent whistleblower case resulted in two individuals getting awarded $50 million. The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that one whistleblower received $37 million, while the other received $13 million. Both gave high-quality information that assisted the agency in bringing a successful enforcement action.

The case centered around JPMorgan, who agreed to pay $307 million in a settlement. The charges alleged that the New York bank failed to disclose to its wealth management customers potential conflicts of interest that could influence its investment practices.

The 37 million dollar award is the third-highest award the agency has given. The SEC has awarded about 61 individuals a total of $376 million since issued its first award in 2012.


Back in 2014, one woman left the courthouse after her whistleblower case $96 million richer. This was her share of a $750 million penalty paid by GlaxoSmithKline. Thanks to the brave efforts of several former employees, this company was brought to justice for its fraud against the government.

It was alleged that the company manufactured and sold adulterated drug products. Problems centered around a factory in Puerto Rico where drugs were produced in non-sterile conditions and made in the wrong doses.

Bank of America

In 2018 three whistleblowers split $83 million after they helped regulators reach a settlement with Bank of America for $415 million. This case began in 2016 and focused on Bank of America’s actions, where it put customer assets at risk through the mishandling of securities and cash.



When Will You Get Paid?

Waiting for your whistleblower case to come to a close can take years. You are bringing a complaint against a large corporation that has plenty of financial backing and a large team of experienced lawyers. It can take countless hours of courtroom sessions before a settlement is reached or a decision rendered.

Then, you’ll have to wait for that corporation to pay the penalty in whole. Only then will you receive your reward. In the meantime, you face getting blacklisted in your industry and losing friends and professional connections.

You can receive your whistleblower funding quickly with minimal processing time. This means that you have the means to wait out the process.

What Can I Use My Loan Funds For?



You can use the money we loan you for whatever expenses you currently face. This money is to help you support yourself while you go through the whistleblower lawsuit process. We understand that you face several types of financial obligations, so we do not limit your funding to a single purpose.

  • Mortgage
  • Car payment
  • Student loans
  • Medical bills
  • Utilities
  • Living expenses

Use this money to pay your current financial obligations so that you can focus on the long term. We want to help you level the playing field so that you can rightfully bring to justice a corporation or government entity that is committing fraud or some other illegal or unethical action.

Consider Our Whistleblower Pre-Settlement Loans

If you’re currently in the middle of a whistleblower case, then you know how nerve-wracking it can be to sit and wait. If your employer has terminated you, then this waiting can become even more stressful as you try to fulfill your financial obligations.



Whistleblower pre-settlement loans can help you breathe easy while you wait for your case determination. Our team of skilled and sympathetic representatives is here to help you through the application process.

Contact us today and let us help you during your time of need while you wait for your pending whistleblower case to conclude.

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Interest Rates


Learn about Interest


he total American household debt hit a record high at $13.21 trillion in 2018. This debt is spread out over millions of people and several different types of loans. Americans have loans for education, cars, homes, and even lawsuits. One thing all of these loans have in common is that they charge interest. It is important to know the difference between Simple vs Compound interest.

When obtaining any loan, it’s essential to look at the terms and know what you’ll agree to. Compare lenders and the simple interest vs. compound interest terms offered.

If you aren’t sure what the difference is between these two types of interest, we’re here to help with this simple guide.


When you approach a lender about borrowing money, you agree to pay back more than what you originally borrowed. This extra money gets determined by calculating a percentage of the total amount borrowed. You’ll hear this referred to as the interest rate.

Lenders can calculate the interest using two different methods,or in other words simple vs compound interest.

Simple Interest

The simple interest method requires the lender to only use the original loan amount to determine the amount of interest owed. When comparing simple interest lawsuit loans, you’ll be able to easily multiply the percentage by the amount borrowed to


determine the total amount of interest owed.

Compound Interest

When calculating compound interest, the lender will use the total amount borrowed plus any accumulated outstanding interest to determine the additional interest owed. Any interest still owed gets added to the original amount borrowed, and then the new total is used to calculate the new amount of interest owed.


There are a few critical differences between simple vs. compound interest that can help you understand your potential liabilities. When you apply to lenders, look for one of these two terms to understand the full scope of the loan offered.

Principal Amount

For simple interest pre settlement loans, the principal amount owed remains the same for the entire life of the loan. For compound interest loans, the principal amount will change every time the interest gets compounded.

Lender Return

Simple interest is more favorable for borrowers as it results in a lower overall return for the lender. Compound interest is desirable when you’re looking to invest your money, but isn’t as beneficial when you’re taking out a loan. With compound interest providing a higher return to lenders, you’ll end up paying more than you need to.

Growth of Total Owed

You can expect your total debt owed to grow at a constant pace with simple interest. The principal amount will stay the same, and the interest owed accumulates at a steady percentage pace.

While a compound interest loan will also accumulate at a consistent rate, it’s an increasingly faster rate. As the principal amount

Interest Calculation


accumulates, the total interest calculated will rapidly increase over the life of the loan.

Calculation of Simple Interest

You can calculate the interest for your loan by using this formula.

P x R x N= I

  • P= Principal
  • R= Rate
  • N= Number of years
  • I= Interest owed

If you took out a 5-year loan for a total of $10,000 with an interest rate of 5%, then you’ll pay $2,500 in interest over the life of the loan.  The total amount you’ll repay is $12,500.

$10,000 x .05 x 5= $2,500 Interest

$10,000 + $2,500= $12,500 Total Repaid

Keep in mind that this is just one piece of the loan puzzle. You need to understand how the entire loan works to ensure you satisfy all of the lender’s requirements.

For example, settlement loans require you to have an open case where an attorney represents you. A car loan requires that you use the money to purchase a car where you give the lender a claim to the title.

Calculation of Compound Interest

The formula for compound interest is a little more complicated.

P x (1+R) ^NK=I

  • P= Principal
  • R= Rate
  • N= Number of years
  • K= Times of compounding
  • I= Interest

The first thing you’ll notice is that the element of time is added to the equation. The amount of interest owed will vary significantly based on how often the interest gets compounded. The lender can decide to compound the interest as often as they like, but there are a few common intervals.

  • Annually- once per year
  • Quarterly- 4 times per year
  • Monthly- 12 times per year
  • Weekly- 52 times per year
  • Daily- 365 times per year
Decision Making


Let’s use the same example as above, $10,000 original loan amount on a five-year loan at a rate of 5%. After five years of yearly compounding interest, the total amount you’d owe is $12,762.82. As you can see, you’ll pay an extra $262.82.

$10,000 x (1+.05)^(5*1)= $12,762.82

But now consider if the lender compounds the interest monthly instead of yearly. The total amount owed after five years increases yet again to $12,833.59. The more often the lender compounds the interest, the more interest you’ll end up owing.

$10,000 x (1+.05)^(5*12)= $12,833.59


One area where simple and compound interest rates are similar is how they’re determined. The US Treasury notes and bonds and the bank industry influence long term and fixed interest rates.

These are guidelines that create a range that most lenders will fall into. Ultimately the exact interest rate and how it gets calculated is up to the lender to decide on.


When you start comparing lawsuit loans, you need to consider simple interest vs. compound interest. You will find that the total



amount you owe can vary widely depending on whether you choose compound vs. simple interest.

Simple interest is the best option when looking to borrow money. Compound interest is better when you’re looking to invest and grow your wealth.

Find out if we fund loans in your state to apply for your lawsuit funding today.

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Medical bills pile up quickly when you’re injured, physical therapy costs can soar, and you may even need to make modifications to your home for a permanent injury. You may not be able to work for a time, or ever, which results in lost income at a time when you desperately need it. Lowest Rate Pre Settlement Loans can help.

If someone is at fault for your injury, you are entitled to compensation. But that compensation can be a long time coming. Personal injury lawsuit timeframes vary widely, but just getting to trial can take a year or two.

Many people take out a pre-settlement funding loan while they wait. Those bills are piling up and they need money to pay them.

However, the wrong pre-settlement funding loan can really eat up your award or settlement when you finally do get it. Learn how to get the best rate on your loan here. With a low rate, you’ll get to use your settlement money before the trial ends without giving up too much to interest on the loan.


Lawsuit loans don’t work quite like other loans that you may already be familiar with. You don’t have to make payments as the loan will be repaid in one lump sum when you win your case.

If you lose your case, you don’t have to repay the loan at all — making it a risk-free choice.

However, because of this, settlement loans have strict requirements. These include:

  • Must have filed a valid lawsuit
  • Your attorney must be working on a contingency basis (they only get paid if you win)
  • You can only qualify for a certain percentage of your expected award amount
  • The defendant must be liable (you can’t be at fault for the accident)
  • Have a qualifying case (underwriting criteria can vary so try another lender if the first one turns you down)
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Once meeting all the requirements, you’ll also discover that settlement loans can be a bit more expensive than other types of loans. The convenience and low-risk come at a price.

Let’s see some tips for keeping the price as low as possible.


There is little regulation in place for pre-settlement funding loans. Like payday loans, disreputable companies can charge exorbitant, predatory rates. The best remedy for this is to choose a reputable lender in the first place.

Once you file your loan it’s likely that you’ll start receiving offers from lenders in the mail. But choosing one of these at random could be a mistake.

Instead, do your research. Your lawyer will probably be able to offer a recommendation. You can also check with the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA). They keep a list of best practices and member organizations agree to abide by them.

However, keep in mind that they put their member’s best interests first, not yours.


It’s a good idea to shop around to compare rates. However, this can be more of a challenge than it usually is when shopping for loans. Because the rates for settlement loans are high, lenders don’t often display them prominently.

Some lenders will want to review your case before they offer a quote. Most lenders will do this for free, but some charge, so be sure to ask.

We offer a short form for you to fill out and will let you know what you qualify for in less than 24 hours.




A loan with simple interest is best, but many companies compound the interest. Every time they compound it, you’ll be paying interest on interest, driving up the repayment cost of your loan.

Find out how often your potential lender compounds the interest.

Many companies compound the interest monthly, but others may do so weekly or even daily. It won’t make much difference in the short-term, but over time that interest can really add up.

Ask your potential lender about their policy and be sure to read the fine print as well. Personal injury cases can drag out for months and every time the interest compounds, your repayment amount grows.


In addition to not repaying the loan if your case fails, you also should not have to pay more than your award amount. Be sure to double-check that both these contingencies are part of your loan agreement.


The interest rate probably won’t be the only fee you have to worry about. Watch out for other fees that the company may tack onto your loan. A few common examples are:

The fee itself might be minimal but remember, it will be added to your loan and you’ll be paying interest on it.

Make sure that when you calculate how much your loan will cost, you include the appropriate fees so you won’t be surprised later.

A Lowest Rate Pre-Settlement Funding Loan to the Rescue



Insurance companies and other savvy defendants know that time is working against you. Payouts vary widely depending on the type of case and the extent of your injuries, but on average people get nearly $53,000. That’s a tidy sum!

But right now, you have medical bills piling up and living expenses to pay whether you’re able to work or not.

The defendant will drag their heels as long as possible and their attorneys will put in frivolous motions whose sole purpose is to slow down the case. The point is to get you to agree to a lower settlement amount because you can’t afford to wait any longer.

A pre-settlement funding loan is a perfect answer to this problem.

It will give you the time you need to get the full compensation you deserve. Play your cards right and you could potentially end up with more money in your pocket even after paying off the loan because you got a higher award amount.


Get a pre-settlement funding loan from a trusted company today and ensure your financial future is bright.



If you have any questions or concerns, we want to hear from you to learn how we might be able to help!

Call us now at 800-251-6606 or simply click to find out about the Types of Cases We Fund to get started.


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